Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Height of Political Greed

Because it's so poignant, I'd like to point at what I consider to be one of the strongest examples of self-serving political greed evident at the moment. Huckabee, the right-wing religious nut and poster-child for everything wrong with the Republican party, emphasized today that he's going to stay in the race for the nomination, keep draining money from his supporters, and keep alive efforts to divide the Republican party.

Now a smart man would look at the whole situation, and evaluate. For example, such a man might conclude that as Hillary drives moderate voters toward the Republicans, right-wing religious nuts drive voters toward the Democrats. The same man might also note that the more the Republican party appears to be fighting the idea of anyone with reasonably moderate views as their nominee, the more they turn away intelligent voters. A truly insightful man might even realize that if Huckabee were to, by chance, actually win the nomination, it would virtually assure a Democrat in the White House in 2008; whereas McCain actually has a pretty good chance of averting the disaster that would be Hillary Obama.

But Huckabee is none of those; as even he would probably tell you, Huckabee is not a thinker, Huckabee is a preacher. In my book, that also makes Huckabee the prime example of self-serving political greed for personal gain at the expense of doing what's best for the country, and I think that makes him worse for the country than even one of the Democrat candidates, who at least might actually think their ideas, however idiotic and misguided, would help the country.

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