Monday, February 4, 2008

Global Warming vs Scientology

I had an interesting thought this morning: which religious cult is worse, Global Warming or Scientology? Let's go to the tape...

In this corner, the "religion" founded by a science fiction writer to prove the point that there were enough dumb, gullible people in the world that even a religion based on totally ridiculous beliefs could flourish, Scientology has gained a worldwide following. It boasts a tiered internal structure you buy your way up through, buys and manages help hotlines so they can get access to the most mentally unstable people to brainwash into the cult, bullies anyone who publicly criticizes them with multi-million dollar legal actions, cuts people off from their families while draining their life savings, and is generally despised by intelligent people.

In the other corner, Global Warming was founded by scientists eager to get grant money from politicians eager to get votes for opposing big business. Based on distorted, inaccurate, or totally bogus pseudo-scientific propaganda, Global Warming has gained the support of many powerful people in the liberal leaning political parties, press, and Hollywood groups. Famous for scare tactics, this cult also bullies detractors with multi-million dollar legal actions, has taken billions of dollars from people, and continues to do significant damage to primarily the American economy. Possibly worse, the obvious pseudo-science preached by the leaders of the cult cause many people to dismiss any claims of environmental damage, lumping them into the cult's teachings, and masking any real damage humanity might be causing. This cult could very well significantly contribute to the extinction of humanity.

Which is worse? I propose many death matches to find out...

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