Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My Main Issue with Donald Trump (at present)

Donald Trump is nothing if not polarizing; his life has been defined by self-promotion, and his political campaign so far by insulting various people. He has found himself the beneficiary of a populist sentiment of frustration with the political establishment, and a pervasive (and accurate, although oft inaccurately attributed) sentiment that in contradiction to the government's proclamations of prosperity and stability, the trend in the country is anything but. At this point, he has secured his position as one of the two miserable options for the next presidential term in the US, and has (at present) roughly 45% of the population supporting his bid for such.

One could make the case that he's the lesser of two evils, but that's not saying much. Trump is an egotistical, bloviating, and aggrandizing figure, with a thin skin and a tendency to lash out at people he perceives to offend him. He has no governmental experience, and although he has managed several businesses, his track record at doing so (with many failures, questionable growth achievement, and hidden financials) is tenuous at best. He has capitalized on the [accurate] perception of Hillary Clinton as a corrupt insider, for whom honesty and integrity are concepts to be scoffed at, and who has even more tenuous credentials for actual accomplishment in management. But for all his other flaws, the one that is bothering me the most at present isn't even one of the highlights listed so far, which have defined his public perception to date.

My main issue with Trump, actually, recently, is his tendency to define his main advantage as a candidate as the ability to be a "strong leader", and provide the "very strong leadership" which he believes the country has been lacking.

Now, on the face of it, you might think, "Gee, strong leadership sounds good, we might need that." But Trump's assertion is in comparison to Obama's leadership, who he explicitly perceives as "weak". Under Obama's leadership, the President has asserted the right to assassinate his own citizens, has overhauled the previously barely-functional health care system into a hopelessly broken version in his name, and stretched credulity in justification for waging several wars unilaterally, without any Congressional oversight or approval. He has presided over increasing the national debt by more than all his predecessors combined, while also allowing the Fed to create another $3,500,000,000,000. Obama has even defied his own oath of office, refusing to enforce the laws that he personally found distasteful, in direct and overt opposition to the Constitution. Obama's tenure has not been defined by weakness in leadership; to the contrary, Obama has perhaps been the most audaciously unchecked would-be dictator the country has had to date.

And Donald Trump perceives that level of power as demonstrative of weakness, and were he in office, he would strive to exercise a much stronger degree of power and "leadership".

Uh... I think there's a word for that kind of leadership, and that word is "tyranny". If Trump truly believes Obama has been constrained in his actions as President, I'm sorta terrified at what powers Trump would claim. At this point, you're basically talking about someone who would make Erdogan look reasonable and restrained in comparison, and not only does that bode incredibly poorly for freedoms and liberty in the United States, but that in no way whatsoever represents anything that I would conceivably support enacting.

So yeah... Hillary is a corrupt scumbag who is representative of everything which is wrong with the status quo of inherent corruption in government. She has a lot of faults, personal and professional, and no substantial accomplishments to her name. Were she elected as President, I would expect no meaningful improvement in the lives or welfare of the people, and even more creeping normalcy of degradation of the basic systems of the country, carrying on Obama's momentum. And I'd be 1000% more likely to support her than Trump, because even with all of that, she really is the lesser of the two horrible options.

Of course, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.