Friday, January 8, 2010

Jobs report, focusing on the big picture

The latest jobs data is out, and as expected the US lost more jobs. What was apparently underestimated by the "professionals" was the magnitude of the job losses, although I fail to see why: if you can't figure out why Socialism is bad for business, productivity, or wealth (outside of the Party which is running the government), read a book or something, and for the love of rational thought stop calling yourself a professional analyst. Rather than dwell on this dismal inevitable destruction of our country, though, I figured it would be nice to take a step back, and focus on some big-picture, overall observations which sometimes get lost in the everyday blunders of our government and its incompetent and malicious leadership.

For example, let's look at jobs. Back nearly a year ago, we spent around $800 Billion of our money to prevent unemployment from getting above 8%. At the time, that was more than the country had spent on both wars during the Bush administration combined (iirc), but we were promised the enormous spending would prevent a recession, and get the country's economy going again. Now, we're looking at 10% unemployment (which is the rosy fake number, real unemployment is 17.3%), and our corrupt politicians are talking about more stimulus programs and tax breaks. Meanwhile, the government has been spending the initial money on seemingly whatever it wants: pork for this guy, handout for that guy, etc. So big picture on the stimulus and related promises: abject, total, inexcusable failure.

What about government interference in private markets? Obama during his campaign: "I'm not a socialist." Obama during financial crisis: "we have no desire to run banks." Obama during auto company crisis brought about by uncompetitive union wages and poor products: "we have no desire to run the auto companies" (oh, and the union/uncompetitive problem isn't fixed either). Obama on the housing market now relying entirely on GSE/FHA because they are ignoring losses and underpricing risk, now that they have explicit taxpayer loss payoffs and the Fed is purchasing their assets... no, even Obama is not dumb enough to try to justify this debacle as somehow good for the economy, or not massive government interference. Big picture on keeping the government out of private enterprise: abject, total, inexcusable failure.

How about more government cooperation, less partisan bickering, more "reaching across the isle" and compromising, and a new era of transparency in government? Huh, does any of that sound like the Obamanation, at all? I mean, I can't remember a time in my lifetime when we had a more corrupt, partisan, bickering, and contemptible government, even before the utterly laughable idea of more transparency while the Democrat leaders hash out socialized health care and who knows what else in secret meetings. Big picture on government reform: abject, total, inexcusable failure.

I could go on, there's plenty more: reduction in health care costs, improvements in the financial industry, handling of scientific matters and religion (eg: global warming), etc. I think the important point to keep in mind, though, is in the mist of all the individual failures, contemptible actions, and repugnant bills this Administration and Congress keeps piling onto the American people, in the big picture, all the benefits promised in exchange for everything we are being forced to sacrifice, every one of them, have failed to materialize (and probably never had a chance of happening). All the big promises turned out to be massive lies. All the liberties which are gone bought us nothing. The massive crushing debt we have assumed to fuel the unquenchable greed and corruption of the Obamanation has been for naught. In the big picture, Americans made a grievous, abject, total, and inexcusable error last election; there's just no other rational way to look at it.