Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Education Problem in America

After watching Hillary on Letterman last night, I come away with the impression that the overwhelming problem in America, which dwarfs all others in consequence, is the lack of education and intelligence among the citizens. If we could solve this problem, and teach people to actually think, so many other problems would just go away.

I mean, first I was kinda upset because what Hillary was saying was so stupid, so brainless, I couldn't imagine how anyone could want her running a lemonade stand, much less a small business, and god help us our country. But it occurred to me that she's not an empty-headed drolling retard, so the only logical explanation for her empty-headed drolling retard ideas is that she's saying what her constituents want to hear, and appealing to her base.

Which brings me back to the education problem; apparently the education and intelligence of the people in this country is far worse than I had estimated, in my naivety. I can't really explain how 30% of the country could want Hillary anywhere near government office other than a total breakdown of our education system, and the complete lack of 30% of our citizens to actually form a coherent thought. Even a 5th grader could listen to what Hillary is saying, and say "wait a minute, that doesn't make any sense at all." (and I'm talking normal 5th graders, not even the mutant smart ones they find for the TV show).

I do have to give her credit for one thing: she has perfected the Bill Clinton esque art of telling the people exactly what the polls say they want to hear, no matter how stupid, hair-brained, ridiculous, retarded, asinine, or preposterous it actually is. Some examples:
- Thoughts on feeding the starving? I think we should have the government provide health care to everyone in the country.
- Thoughts on the economy going into a recession? I think we should force banks to stop foreclosing on people and let people keep the houses they had no business affording, because people put guns to their heads and forced them to sign mortgages with huge rates they can't pay (which, side note, would be an unconstitutional abuse of executive power, but Bush has been making good headway in abuses recently).
- Thoughts on making campaigns less expensive and wasteful? I think the government should pay for campaigns, so they can be more expensive and wasteful and all taxpayers can foot the bill.
- Thoughts on fixing social security? Keep paying it, increase coverage (what do you mean, paying for it?).
- Illegal immigration? We should find a way to let all workers get documented and vote (cause they'll vote for me!).
- Taxes? Tax the rich and corporations more, while we still have some left in the country. Tax breaks for the welfare class.
- Foreign policy? Stop fighting, bring the troops home, gut national defense, and just ask people nicely to be nice to each other and us.

I mean, good god. Seriously, I can see why republican's are pushing to overhaul the education system in America. I hate to say it, but if this is how dumb our people are, it might be worth giving parochial schools a chance (and I despise mixing religion and education)... how much worse could it be than this?

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