Friday, February 15, 2008

Good for Congress

You might want to save a link to this post, cause it might not come again in my lifetime, and it certainly wasn't intentional. But, whether motivated by partisan politics, political grandstanding, posturing, or an unlikely hint of actually representing the Constitution and the interests of the American people, in failing to renew the "warrant-free spying on citizens" bill with the "get out of jail free for gross illegal and unconstitutional actions" provision, Congress actually did something right.

Yes, I said it. No, the sky is not falling. I don't want to overstate it; it was only the House that did something right (the Senate was quick to fall into the Constitutional abuse congo line), and they didn't actually block it, just delayed the vote to renew it. But, in an endless sea of bad laws, bad decisions, corporations buying votes, partisan bickering, and practically every other imaginable way Congress could set an example for how the country is not supposed to be run, by their inaction the House actually did something right.

Don't make a habit of it, guys... my whole world view could collapse.

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