Monday, November 12, 2007

Seriously, F the democrats

Ok, everybody knows social security is running out of money. Everybody knows it's a Ponzi scheme, and everybody knows something drastic is going to happen to it in the next 40 years. It was a bad idea when it was created, it's a bad idea now, and it will be an even worse idea when it collapses, which is pretty much inevitable at this point.

So here comes Obama's "solution": let's take more money from the "rich" people in the name of increasing funding for social security, and then spend it on other stuff like we always do (last part implied by past actions). WHAT?!? Are you an f-ing moron? I fail to see how that even pretends to be a solution, or anyone outside of a clinical retard would think that's a good idea.

The greatest lasting good a philanthropist could donate to this country (or any other organization) would be an accurate model which correlates key decisions to long-term effects. That way whatever society eventually rises from the ruins of disasters created by moronic decisions can look back and say "for all their supposed good intentions, these decisions destroyed their organization, let's not repeat their horrendous mistakes." If there must be idiots like Obama in the world, and our society has enough bottom-feeding morons that he can be representative of a large chunk of our people, then I just hope the next dominant world power can learn from our incompetence, and just maybe elevate the human race above primate-level thinking ability. It's a dream...

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