Sunday, November 11, 2007

Movie sales down

This is kinda a PSA for the movie industry, in addition to a normal rant. Over the last couple of years, gross movie revenue has been down from the years before, and I guess some people are confused as to why that is the case. So, for anyone who doesn't know, consider this free information.

Movie ticket sales are down because the movie going experience has become terrible. Ticket prices have increased, concessions are ridiculously overpriced, and to add insult to injury, theaters are showing commercials before movies. You literally have to show up 30 minutes in advance of you movie, to see 30 minutes of commercials, followed by 20 minutes of trailers, followed by the actual movie. And that's for a movie which is not hot!

Get a clue, people. I am your target audience, and I've basically stopped going to movies because the experience is so bad. Here's what you need to do to get me back in the theater:
- Allow people to bring in food/drink (make the concession prices have to be competitive)
- Only show commercials if the tickets were free; if I paid to see a movie, I don't want to see that crap. That includes the interstitials promoting the theater chains.

That concludes this episode of get an f-ing clue. Stay tuned next time, when we talk about how adding useless crap to a DVD does not justify charging $20+ for something which would be basically free for you to produce without the extra crap, and how people would hate you industry a lot less if prices were less stupidly exorbitant.

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