Thursday, November 29, 2007

Man, so many people writing stuff online are morons

Ok, ok... I'll wait while you laugh at the irony of the title.

Now that that's out of the way, I read this article today, and a linked article:

Note the comments for the second article... I'll paraphrase:
- "Impeach Bush"
- "Bush is a child saying triple my allowance"
- "Bush is backmailing Congress"

Ok, let me say this slowly, so you helmet-wearing retards have a chance of understanding: You Are Morons. Seriously, just don't talk or write anything again, and please, for the love of Hillary, don't reproduce.

Here's a quick recap of how our government works, in case you missed the evolutionary step of walking on two legs (among many, many others):
- Congress (the people you currently like) specify funding for various departments of the government, don't dictate foreign policy, and don't dictate how each department spends its allocated budget
- The Executive (Bush, the anti-Christ to you people) dictates foreign policy, runs the military, and does not dictate the budget allocated to various departments

Now, what Congress is currently trying to do is dictate foreign policy, which is unconstitutional. The president is telling the American people that the result of decreased funding to the military will result in base closures, cutbacks, and other necessary measures to adjust to a change in funding level for that department, which is perfectly reasonable and 100% predictable from Congress' actions. If anything, the leaders of Congress should be impeached, for trying to defy the law and the Constitution by imposing foreign policy. And the morons who post the exact opposite extremist rhetoric due to their blind, zealous dedication to the anti-Bush religion should have their mouths stapled shut and their hands lopped off, for the betterment of the country and the gene pool.

That's my opinion.

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