Friday, May 1, 2009

My "liberal" opinion

Ok, I know this is probably going to upset some of my conservative readers, but I have a lot of opinions, and I wouldn't expect anyone (outside of myself) to agree with all of them. In that vein, I have a "liberal" opinion I want to share. It's long and kinda involved, so here's a link to the current "plan" as I would do it:

In short, I think the country should have a form of Public Health Insurance. Now before you think I've gone crazy, I'd invite you to read the document, and see what it is I'm saying. I would also add that I'd rather have nothing than some socialist Obamanation program which takes an otherwise reasonable idea and transforms it into a big-government nightmare. However, that being said, I do think there is some benefit to such a program if done carefully and correctly, and preferably by someone as adamantly opposed to an out-of-control socialist monstrosity as I am.

That's my opinion; comments welcome as always.

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  1. In general I prefer giving people money to buy a service in the market to having the government administer a plan to buy people that service. In the case of healthcare, though, we may be forced to go to a system like PMI once medical technology gets to the point that it can predict most illnesses decades in advance. At that point, any "insurance" is just spreading the risk of being born with bad genes. I don't see how a market-based insurance product can do that. The gov't system will then crowd out most private health insurance. I don't want to turn over healthcare to the gov't, but I don't see an alternative.