Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to handle North Korea

If you didn't pay any attention to what actually goes on in the UN, and only read its charter, goals, public purpose statements, and rhetoric, you might be a little confused right now.

For example, nominally, the UN Security Council exists to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons by imposing strict, severe, debilitating, and multi-nationally coordinated penalties on those countries seeking to acquire said weapons. However, in the last couple of decades, several countries have openly or psuedo-openly (eg: obvious lies, like Iran's stated purpose of their program before they just gave up on spewing the BS and said they were building nukes) developed or procured nuclear weapons, with the UN doing absolutely nothing (no points for "objecting in the strongest possible terms", you self-aggrandizing douche-holes). So not doing anything there.

Same for genocide... the UN charter says countries will take action if there's a genocide going on. So the clever politicians have figured out how to say genocide without using the word "genocide", which apparently magically makes it all acceptable. If only that worked for other things just as well... Obama could just call the $1,200,000,000,000 budget deficit he's creating by spending $1,200,000,000,000 more than the country is taking in (this year alone) (and before accounting for lower tax revenues) (and before all the various Fed bailout programs are added in) (and before the Treasury bailout write-offs) (and before the auto industry union political payoffs) (and before extra spending not included in the budget) a "surplus", and then we'd have plenty of money instead of this massive, debilitating, and likely ultimately nationally fatal debt load Obama and the Democrats are currently creating. That would be much better, but unfortunately apparently it only works in magical UN land.

Anyway, on to North Korea, and hopefully how to kill two genocidal a-holes with one plan. See, Israel is itching to attack Iran, before they finish developing their nuclear weapon and using it to annihilate Israel, as they have vowed to do, and there's no credible reason to believe they will not once they have nukes. The US needs to re-establish that it's really not ok to be a genocidal maniac threatening everyone with nukes, regardless of if you happen to share a border with China.

I propose the US allow Israel to bomb the crap out of Iran, with intelligence and logistical support from the US. Then, within 48 hours or so, the US can green-glass every suspected nuclear development, testing, or deployment site in North Korea, and all the known presidential residences and secure military facilities at the same time. The Iran attack would likely cause NK to go to high readiness, which would mean that their military would likely be gathered at their facilities, their weapons out and ready for use (as opposed to hidden away), and their leader(s) at secure military facilities. The major countries will be focused on the middle east, looking for responses and condemning Israel, and watching for more fireworks there. With a coordinated overwhelming strike and some luck, we could wipe the entire North Korean leadership and military force off the face of the planet in a few hours, while crippling Iran and their terrorist supporting regime. It would be a solid win for the middle east, the US, and the world in general.

Oh, and afterward, we can object to our own actions in the strongest possible terms at the UN, just for good measure.

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