Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hypocracy and dark humor from the Senate

I was reading this article about Franken being sworn in, and how the Democrats in the Senate still wanted some Republican support for their agenda bills (despite the calls from left-wing organizations like to ram through their partisan agenda items). I was struck with the somewhat humorous hypocrisy and blatant stupidity of some of statements; let's see if you agree:
Senate Republicans must understand that Senator-elect Franken's election does not abdicate them from the responsibility of governing. That is why we have and will continue to offer Senate Republicans a seat at the table. It is up to them to decide whether they will sit down and work for the common good or continue to be the 'Party of No.'

- Majority Leader Harry M. Reid

Hm... last I checked the Republicans were more than willing to sit at any table you happened to invite them to; moreover, they have been the ones proposing alternative (and often more feasible) solutions to the nation's problems. As I see it, you (the Democrats) have constantly rejected all of their bills, suggestions, revisions, amendments, and other input. Wouldn't that make you the 'Party of No', if not the "Party of WTF is that BS You're Spewing'?

Wait, there's more:
"Our strong preference is to pass a bipartisan bill," Reid said after the meeting.

Hey genius, if you really actually have a strong preference to pass a bill that is bipartisan, how about including some of the provisions and suggestions the Republicans put forward? Or did you mean to say you have a strong preference to have Republicans vote for your extremely partisan bill (which would more match your actions)? Did you just misspeak, or are you a scum-sucking bald-faced liar?

One more...
In a closed-door meeting immediately after Franken's swearing-in, Majority Whip Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) asked his caucus to always join ranks in supporting cloture votes. Those procedural votes require 60 senators to agree to halt debate, a step that would derail any potential filibuster.

So, if I understand this correctly, you say you want to work with the Republicans, while at the exact same time you are lobbying your own party to not work with the Republicans, and rather convince the few remaining decent members of your own party to abandon their principles, shut off bipartisan negotiation, and help you ram your own partisan agenda up America's metaphorical ass.

It's kinda like watching Mystery Science Senate 3000, where you just ridicule the actors for their absurd situations and equally absurd dialog. It would be kinda funny, if they weren't contemplating the destruction of the US as we know it. A lot of nerve, those a-holes.


  1. It does sound like typical politics to try to cast the other side as having no ideas and refusing even to sit at the table. I have not followed it enough to know if that’s going on.

    The issues in question are healthcare and environment. These are areas where there are bona fide problems that the Republicans have chosen mostly to ignore. My perception is Republicans want to address them now because only because Democrats are bringing up the issue. If what you say is true, Democrats are shameless exploiting this fact to make the Republicans look bad and get exactly what they want in the process.

    This is unfortunate because the GOP took a small step toward fixing employer-captive health insurance when they expanded HSAs/MSAs. They get no credit, though, b/c many people like employer-captive and want to an option for government-captive.

    Anyway, politics is about shameless exploiting things, so none of this should be shocking. The GOP mantra that if you disagree with their policies you hate our country could only work for so long. It or something like it will be back before you know it, though, and the GOP will be shameless exploiting it. Republicans are trying this shameless line about Democratic policies destroying the country, but it won’t work. They’ve got to work out something better.

  2. I just hope that if they do get this health care bill passed that it is done with out any Republican support. That way when people realize that the whole thing was a terrible idea and that it caused more problems, there will be absolutely no one to blame but the Democrats.