Monday, July 6, 2009

Great tech tip for text message spam

Something I researched recently because it's been aggravating me... a non-political aside to my recently-typical political ranting...

In the cell phone industry, you can (and will) be charged money for incoming text messages that you have no control over. This is particularly aggravating if you don't have a messaging plan, and someone is spamming you with text messages. Apparently there has been some recent movement on the part of cell phone companies to allow users to opt-out of being charged for spam text messages, but it's certainly not easy. You would think there would be some oversight group, amidst the plethora of government oversight groups, that would smack this abusive practice down like the should-be illegal underhanded scam it is, but I guess they are too busy ignoring or contributing to all the other systemic problems... but I digress...

I found a forum post describing how one can modify/delete the service center number in one's cell phone to "work around" the fact that the cell phone companies claim it's impossible to remove the "feature" whereby they charge you for letting other people spam you. There's no specific instructions (each phone UI is different), but I found it on my phone, so we'll see how it works. I'm guessing they will still charge me for the spam, but at least hopefully my phone will not be downloading it and annoying me, and maybe eventually I'll have a chance to join in the inevitable class action lawsuit which I cam only hope will bankrupt these scum companies for this despicable practice.


  1. I figured out how to beat that in a very low tech way. I turn the phone off and take the battery out when I am not using it. Case closed.

  2. As a "tech" guy, what do you think of Macs(besides you really cant "hot rod" them like you can PCs or Linnux/Unix systems. I have been loyal Mac owner since 99 and hve been totally satisfied.

  3. I think Macs are somewhat easier to use, more expensive (for comparable computing power), have less applications available (especially in the games genre), less flexibility, and much less consumer choice available. That said, if a Mac does everything you want, and you're willing to pay a premium for it, it's a perfectly fine computer system option.

    I guess I'm somewhat in the middle of the computer spectrum: I want more options and lower price than a Mac, but I don't want the hassle of configuring everything myself and dealing with all the driver and app compatibility issues and unfriendly and not compatible "free" software, so I don't run Linux either. Plus, at work I deal primarily with Windows, it runs the most stuff (by far), and I have lots of experience with it, so that makes my computer choice pretty easy. I have nothing against people who run other OS's, though; I'm not particularly religious about it.

  4. Macs are perfect for me as I do net, photoshop, music, and that's it.

    FL Tea party drama
    The Port St.Lucie tea party was held at a community event called "Freedom Fest" which is held at the St Lucie fairgrounds. The Tea Party was held at section 2 of the fairgrounds. The City Council placed a huge sign in front of the section in an admitted attempt to hide the Tea Party. Next week the City Council is having a meeting and the Tea Party folks are planning to invade it.
    I suggest calling the mayor and city council and telling them what you think the Mayor's/city council's phone # (407) 871 5159 and their website Let's pass this to every conservative tea party supporting site we can!!!!