Thursday, June 4, 2009

More offensive garbage

Anybody seen or heard the new commercials for Chrysler and/or GM? You really should; after all, you paid for them. I mean, you could have spent those billions on civic works, or keeping more hard-working American's from losing their jobs, or putting a slight dent in the massive future obligation our government is creating for us and our children (well, only until the country's currency collapses, which will likely be within one generation or so); instead, though, you spent it on propping up colossal failures of non-competitive business, union largess, management greed and incompetence, and models of private sector failure. Do you feel good about that?

If you've spent the last few months trying to ignore the looming socialist take-over of the country, and/or trying to rationalize the thought of spending a truly enormous amount of money on the utter wastes that the US auto companies have become, then this wave of commercials is just for you. Not only are the now nationalized auto companies not dying the horrible deaths they richly deserve, they are spending even more of your money to make sure you know that your money is being spent to keep them going as enormously wasteful non-competitive nationalized entities. It's like getting a back-stage pass to see the victory party that the fat-cat management buffoons and the ridiculously overpaid union workers are throwing, where they drink expensive liquor, talk about their mansions, toast their success at embezzling billions from US taxpayers, burn effigies of the country's founding fathers, and send us the g-damn bill!

"Building a better Chrysler/GM"... yeah, right. The only thing their building is a better pipeline to siphon money from the taxpayers, through their thoroughly and reprehensibly corrupt socialist-leaning puppets in Washington, straight to their bank accounts. I'm not sure anything could make me hate those nationalized entities or the egregiously corrupt Obamanation which created them, but every time I see/hear another commercial, it just rubs it in a little more.


  1. I did see one of these POS commercials today, I cursed at the tv and my wife didn't like it....she sent me to blogging : ) to take out frustration. Unbelievable, shameless, disgusting. So although I didn't blog about GM or the autos, I did find a story about a world leader that enthustiastically approves of the Obamanation nationalization of GM and such....guess who it is?

  2. Yeah, I saw that. At least Obama is following through on one of his campaign promises: to make America more liked internationally. It's just unfortunate that the way he's doing that is by dismantling the parts of America which our enemies don't like, and by appeasing them; that's the shame of it.

    Although, in all seriousness, if I could arbitrarily restructure the way our government works, Obama would surprisingly have a place in it. This really deserves its own blog entry, but I'd be tempted to split the presidency into two offices (voted on independently): foreign affairs and domestic affairs. They would each have their own areas of responsibility: foreign would make all decisions about America's stances toward other countries and their actions, meet with foreign leaders, conduct speeches to/about foreign countries, and generally handle foreign affairs; domestic would do everything dealing with making the US the best country possible (ie: economy, laws, budget, etc.). In overlapping areas, the domestic representative would override. Basically, one leader to deal with making the country good, and another to be the external face of the country to the rest of the world (kinda like Secretary of State, but elected independently and with some autonomous authority).

    In that capacity, Obama would be excellent. He excels at telling people what they want to hear, making people feel good, and making empty promises seem genuine; all things which would be ideal in a foreign affairs representative. As a bonus, if people thought he was a fraud after four years, we could vote him out and get another equally effective Democrat for the position, and maybe appease foreign countries for another four years (rinse and repeat). And, we could do all that without collapsing the US into a socialist nightmare: a solid win, I think.