Sunday, June 14, 2009

More Audacious and Offensive BS from the Obamanation #2 Man

Joe Biden, the man next in line in the Party succession, spewing BS about the stimulus. I mean really, how stupid is the audience his handlers are writing his speeches for? I'm not going to go through an exhaustive list of the inaccuracies and insults to non-vegetative listeners, but here are a couple highlights that stood out:

- Biden claims that nobody could have predicted that the $800B waste bill wouldn't create the utopia of economic activity and job creation that was promised... I guess he's not counting everyone outside of the Party who pointed out exactly that. Talk about living in a bubble, kinda like being hooked up to a machine to help you breathe because your brain is too stupid to even form the thoughts to keep bodily functions going.

- Then he spews some BS about preserving jobs for teachers and police; it's a common tact, claim your corrupt wasteful spending was necessary to help the children, and/or keep you safe. I guess he could have a point, I mean our public education system is the envy of the world, and the ridiculous amount of money we already spend on rewarding teachers unions has produced the pinnacle of global education, right? Well, maybe he more meant the police, who are paid my the states, which now have budget surpluses and don't need to reduce spending; no, wait, that's completely false also.

- Well, maybe we should give him a break; it's hard to track exactly what jobs would be created by giving $800B to cronies, campaign supporters, and agenda-related entities. Maybe we should instead focus on overall unemployment, which the Obamanation told us would stay under 8% if we enacted their enormous waste bill; at least while quadrupling the deficit we can keep unemployment down. What's that, though, unemployment is over 9.4%? About 20% over the maximum projection even with your gigantic insider payout fleecing of the American taxpaying public? What kind of f-tarded scum are you people?

I could go on; there are more gems about not being able to predict the extent of the downturn, blaming other people, not being realistic enough, not being able to go anywhere without an assistant to wipe up his drool and make sure he puts clothes on, etc. He's one step from ruler of the Obamanation, which is probably as astute pick by Obama; after all, as a ruler you want someone more offensive and dangerous than you next in line, and Obama must have looked far and wide to find someone quite as thoroughly moronic and repugnant as Joe Biden. Way to be a team player, JoeBi, here's some pudding, try not to smear it all over yourself this time.

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