Monday, May 12, 2008

Shelley Berkley

This post dedicated to Rep Shelley Berkley, representing the state of Nevada. She's has the honor of being the latest person added to my growing list of blithering idiots representing people (who, I can only assume, are also blithering idiots) in our Congress.

She makes the list for voting for all provisions of the taxpayer bailout of speculative housing purchases bill, with the following justification: “‘You cannot have row after row of unoccupied homes in neighborhoods,’ Berkley said in an interview. ‘It drives down values.’”

Hey, news flash for ya Shelley, and I'll try to use small words: If you don't want row after row of unoccupied homes, figure out a way to encourage the owner to sell or rent them! Here's a humble suggestion, for example: impose a tax on the owners of unoccupied homes after a period of time, per-month that they sit there.

Houses are sitting vacant because owners (banks, builders, speculators) are expecting a bailout. They are waiting for you to droll your way to the legislation you're voting for. YOU ARE CAUSING THE PROBLEM!!! Stop being part of the problem, and start being part of the solution!

For being a glowing example of everything that's wrong with our Congress, for being presumably too stupid to even read the bailout bill, much less comprehend the effects, and for striving to interfere with the markets in a time honored government tradition unblemished by a hint of public benefit, Shelley Berkley is inducted into the Hall of Fame of Blithering Morons. Grats.

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