Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Baltimore 'Project 5000'

Time for a specific example of the directly counter-productive approach to fixing the housing crisis, brought to you by the taxpayers and voters of Baltimore. I give you the Baltimore "Keep Housing Unaffordable" plan, aka Project 5000:

This bold, innovative plan has purchased over 10,000 vacant homes at inflated prices with taxpayer money, to ensure they are not allowed to be affordable. To that end, the project is now holding the properties until the city goes bankrupt, to try to forestall the onset of affordable housing as long as possible.

If anyone is reading this blog with any connection to this project, please, for the sake of your city and everyone in the country who wants to be able to afford a house, tell anyone associated with the city and/or the project: Stop hurting America. Stop working against the people's interests. Stop interfering. Just... get out of the way! Oh, and feel free to vote out of office anyone associated with this project, since they are either too stupid to tie their shoes, or are trying to hurt you.

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