Friday, January 11, 2008

Why are most politicians idiots?

Ok, so the way a democracy works is that a small number of people are elected to represent the population as a whole, and they get together and make the rules which govern the society. The theory is that small groups of people can put forward bright, knowledgeable, experienced people to make intelligent decisions on their behalf. How, then, did we get to the situation where every single one of the elected politicians seems to have the IQ of silly putty?

Take, for example, the governator (Arnold Schwarzenegger, for those people not in California). On the one hand, California is expected to have a $14 billion deficit this year. If you padded-helmet slow like the California legislature usually is, that means you retards are spending $14 billion dollars more this year than you expect to take in from taxes, fees, kickbacks, bribes, campaign donations, favors, special interest lobbying, and all the other ways government and its officials are financed.

So that's bad, huh? It would take a pretty special kind of retarded to propose spending another $14 billion on a new government entitlement program with that kind of deficit, right? See: the governator announces bi-partisan agreement to spend another $14 billion on universal healthcare for California (see: here)! And Arnold is one of our brighter bulbs... Davis would have pounded his poor little helmet-clad head through the entire padded wall by now.

We really need to stop electing drolling retards to run our country... really.

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