Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Grats to McCain

It looks like he's going to get the Republican nomination, and that's probably a good thing. He seems like the republican with the best chance of avoiding the unmitigated disaster that would be Hillary Obama.

I still think Thompson could have been a better candidate, but I sorta got off his train when he started pitching himself as the more conservative, pro-life choice. I get the strategy, but sticking to his real beliefs (federalism, civil liberties) might have played better than pretending you were the hardcore conservative candidate, when even the republican base is looking for someone less inclined to crap on civil liberties than G-dub. Then again, I'm certainly not a political strategist.

Anyway, grats to McCain, good luck to him in November (most everyone in the country with an IQ over 60 is rooting for you, let's hope it's enough). Note for future candidates: ignoring the early-vote states is political suicide, no matter how much Florida et-all wants to be relevant. Note to states: take my previous advice, set your primary date by law to be the same as the earliest other state if you want to be relevant (and give the finger to the parties as necessary). This primary election has clearly shown so far that (as Ricky Bobby would say) if ya ain't first, ya last.

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