Thursday, December 13, 2007

UN, emissions treaties, and our idiotic media

Wanted: news source which accurately and concisely spells out exactly why the US did not sign the Kyoto agreement, did not agree to the same basic idea in Bali, but still wants to reduce global emissions. If any news producers read this, the above is why most people think the news is no longer informing, but typically just left-wing fluff.

Ok, now that I've said that, I'll tell you the reason, but 1st, a quick question:

What would you think about a global emissions reduction treaty which imposed specific percentage reduction requirements on all signatory parties except the #1 producer of CO2 emissions in the entire world, who not only gets a free pass, but get to have the rest of the world pay them if they happen to reduce their emissions at all?

Yeah, that's what the US said too: f that.

How about you morons writing for the mainstream news organizations start reporting the story like it is, ie: "US reject idiotic treaty which would give #1 producer of CO2 emissions a complete pass while requiring less polluting countries to reduce emissions", instead of: "Bush ignores global warming". kthks

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