Monday, December 10, 2007

"Strike a Deal" people should "Get a Clue"

So the auxiliary Hollywood people (caterers, line producers, stage hands, etc.) had a march to urge the writers and studios to start negotiating again. I would say don't waste your time, although given that you're probably not working, it's probably not that much of a hardship. But let's review why your march is pointless:

1. Writers have proven they don't give a rats-ass about anyone but themselves; witness their shutting down streets and preventing unrelated people from getting to work. They could care less if you starve, as long as they preserve their $200,000 average a year.

2. Studios are all about business; the less people they have to pay, the better the bottom line. Since you're probably not making $200,000 average like the writers, you're more expendable and/or replaceable.

3. Here's the important point: Neither side is going to negotiate for another couple months; they just don't have the incentive. Studios won't negotiate in good faith until they are out of shows to show. Writers won't negotiate in good faith until their members (not you) are running out of money. It's pointless to negotiate now; neither party will be negotiating in good faith.

Give it 2 more months, at least. Yes, it's dumb that they can't possibly negotiate anything before then. But that's just the way the big, grown-up world works.

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