Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Some days, politicians do good things

I know, it's pretty rare. But occasionally in the midst of all the partisan bickering, sniveling, infighting, railroading, grandstanding, and generally wasting time and huge amounts of money, somebody does something right.

In this case, it was Bush commuting Libby's sentence. Sure, he probably wanted to pardon him, but that can always be done later, a-la "11th-hour slick willy".

Oh, and just in case you don't agree, let's review:
- Partisan trail looking for a scapegoat and a soapbox
- Libby not accused of leaking anything (despite the media focus)
- Libby a "good guy" from all accounts, doing his job
- Convicted for inconsistent statements over two years of interrogation by hostile lawyers, and on the basis of personal recollections of events
- Given a ridiculously large sentence on the encouragement of a very biased prosecution and a somewhat biased jury

Basically, a sham trial of a scapegoat, convicted for giving statements inconsistent with other [hostile] witnesses, and had the book thrown at him by a hostile court. That's why the president is given the power to commute sentences and pardon people: to fix miscarriages of justice. And every once in a while, the system works.

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