Sunday, July 6, 2014

High Crimes

President Obama has done a number of objectionable things during the six years of his presidency so far. Some things have been mere continuations, or slight expansions, of pre-existing objectionable policies (eg: domestic spying by the NSA, unauthorized and unconstitutional foreign military interventions, etc.). Others have been more substantial escalations of previous bad policies (eg: more expansive power grabs through executive orders, formulation of a legal opinion to allow arbitrary assassination of Americans, increasing the national debt at a historically record rate, etc.). Still others have been new, more creative attacks on American systems and long-term prosperity (eg: Obamacare, designed to be so expensive, arduous, and crippling to the health care system as to necessitate the adoption of socialized medical care). Obama is now finally regarded by Americans as the worst president in American history, and there's still [at least] two years of additional disasters to endure.

There's a new attack happening now, though, which might actually be worse than anything else Obama has done to-date. Like any good military operation, it's been years in the planning, with various subtle maneuvers designed with an overall strategic objective. It began shortly after Obama took office, with the direction to ICE to exercise prosecutorial discretion to essentially halt deportations for all illegal aliens (except for those who committed crimes deemed too excessive to ignore). Then Obama shifted DHS priorities, to ensure that the border was porous, while refusing to allocate any additional resources to shoring up holes. But that was just the start of the campaign.

There were movements on the propaganda front as well. Obama positioned himself as pro-amnesty, and began gather allies in Congress for another wave, horse-trading favors on other measures to make clandestine allies. Allies like Eric Cantor, nominally one of the strongest opponents to Obama's other policies, but somewhat less confrontational on the issue of amnesty for illegal aliens. That front was developing well, and it looked like Obama was poised to push through another amnesty wave (along with whatever meaningless promises of border security the Democrats would throw in this time, with a wink and a nod, knowing that they would ignore them just like the last time they passed an amnesty bill). They had a setback, though, with Cantor's defeat... but as with any military conflict, a general does not let one defeat decide the war, he presses on.

And press on the Obama administration did, insinuating that Obama would act to affect amnesty unilaterally (irrespective of the lack of Constitutional authority to do so), while basically ordering DHS to stand-aside on the border. That was not enough, though: to ensure that local communities would not be effective in fighting back, Obama went a step further, and actually had the federal government relocate illegal aliens into the middle areas of the country, to ensure they could not be deported! These measures have been having the desired effect: a massive influx of illegal invaders streaming into the country, with no defense offered (and indeed, the efforts have been aided by the Obama administration), leading to a large shift in population (and voting) dynamic.

To what end? Well, that's simple: power, as always. Illegal immigrants vote, in small numbers (while illegal), and in large numbers (after being granted amnesty). When they vote, they vote overwhelmingly Democrat, primarily because the Democrat platform advocates forcible wealth redistribution, and illegal immigrants are largely poor (and thus socialist-type policies benefit them). Obama can do more to ensure continued Democrat leadership in government by shifting the voting population than any other action he could take (and indeed, since people are waking up to how unequivocally horrible the rest of his actions have been, minimizing the voice of legal American citizens is probably his best course of action).

Of course, in wars you have allies, and this situation is no different. There are many immigrant advocacy groups who would promote the free flow of people into the United States, but some are more specific and transparent with their goals than others. La Raza, for example, one of President Obama's political allies, has been somewhat outspoken (in less guarded moments) about the desire to establish hispanic control over a section of the United States, if not its entirety. In essence, they advocate taking control of the country through invasion, and shifting of population dynamics.

This is a section of the US code:
Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason...
If we take for hypothesis that the people who would advocate gaining control of the United States through [peaceful or violent] invasion are enemies of the country, then we can conclude that Obama's latest affront is distinctly more significant than all his previous efforts. He is, without doubt, by virtue of his position and oath of office, owing allegiance to the United States. He has aided enemy efforts by encouraging the invasion, promising to work toward appeasement and amnesty, and intentionally weakening the border enforcement and punitive measures. He has refused to enforce the law, with respect to these enemies. He has given them aid and comfort, both in supplies and care, as well as relocation to stymie local efforts to repel the invading forces. By all accounts, then, he is in direct and open violation of U.S. Code § 2381.

I don't want Congress to sue the President, as he taunted them to do, in relation to his latest unconstitutional power grab. I want Congress to prosecute him for his more serious offense, the only one spelled out in the Constitution itself.

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