Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More scary stuff: indoctination

So it seems like every time I read anything about the government these days, it's one abject failure after another. Whether it's bailouts, handouts, encroaching socialism, corruption revelations, or other malignancy, each day brings new reasons to feel disgusted with your "representatives" in the Obamanation. However, every once in a while they plumb a new low, and indoctrinating school children could just be the new bar-setter for utterly despicable actions which bring my hatred for Obama and the misguided people who elected him (and/or the few remaining zealots who still support him) to entirely new levels.

Maybe I'm over-reacting. I mean, surely the Obamanation is doing more destructive things to the United States in general than force-feeding liberal propaganda to impressionable school children. Destruction of the national currency has got to be worth more overall "evil points" than brainwashing poor Richard and Jane. Achieving the end-goal of full Socialism will probably have worse long-term on our children than one day of indoctrination. Reversing the damage Obama is reeking on our economy will surely take longer than teaching the very important lesson that people, especially politicians, lie a lot.

Yet, for some reason, using your position to brainwash children with your propaganda seems worse than all those things. For me, it's kinda the ultimate low, worse than virtually any other damage you can do. Not that I needed another reason to think Obama was bad for the country, but this moves him from irresponsible and misguided to straight-up evil.


  1. The thing I saw was non-partisan, but it suggested people should always go along with the president. That can backfire if we get a right-wing president. I am absolutely against telling kids they should go along with the gov't. I'm just saying the release I saw did not say only to go along with a liberal president. They could easily take those values and support any president. Kids should be taught to question the gov't and politicians.

  2. Nick - I agree with CJ above,(of course), in that this is prepostorous at best, perhaps criminal. I don't think you are over-reacting.Did you see at LCR how I just simply inserted 'Dear Leader' into a section of the outline give to teachers and schools? Did you not that it was the perfect template for a Kim Jong Il type government?

    Wake up people!

  3. LCR: I did see that, and it seemed very fitting.

    It's crap like this which not only makes me want to resolve to never send my [eventual] kids to public school, but also undermines the entire concept of a state-run education system. Like most government programs, it seems good in theory, and might work in a fantasy world where corruption and malfeasance of politicians didn't exist, but in the real world the downsides outweigh the benefits.

    CJ: Agree, emphatically. The appropriate and factual message, if anything, is that the government is there to screw you, always, and you should do everything possible to oppose it; anything else is a lie in the modern political reality. The US was founded on the principle of government as a necessary evil, and we the people are currently losing the struggle against domestic tyranny.

  4. Yeah, study hard and go to school is really a subversive message. Who knows, maybe next week he'll be telling school children to eat their vegetables.

  5. Not objecting to the principle because you don't object to the specific context is like not complaining when the government ships your neighbor off to Guantanamo forever, because it didn't happen to you: if you don't oppose the principle, there will be nobody left to oppose the actions when the government comes for you. Obama's speech may have been benign in this particular case, but I'm with CJ: if anything, we should be teaching children to not trust the government, not the other way around.

    Anyway, I would suggest that supporters of Obama's sit-downs with our children keep that in mind the next time a religious leader wants to have a sit-down with your kids, and explain why mommy and daddy might be going to hell...