Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Man, I hate the political process

A small blog post, was listening to the Senate budget committee meeting on the budget debate, opening remarks, and listening to some asshole Democrat saying the budget reconciliation process was intended to be used to bypass debate and compromise, and get the "right" [partisan agenda] policies into the budget without abiding by the rules of the process. Then, at the same time, he had the utter gall to say that obviously the same tactics were wrong when the Republicans used them to decrease taxes [and spending]. Now the next retard is also arguing that reconciliation is supposed to be used to circumvent the debate process and push a partisan agenda outside of the normal process.

I hate these people; there a obvious reasons why our country is in the toilet, and they are in Congress.

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  1. In the toilet indeed and the same jackasses that caused this mess are our supposed saviors. Great blog by the way, keep it up.Check out my blog -