Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today on "How Stupid Are We?"

On today's episode, we have the Democratic legislature of California, who could not get the necessary three votes from Republicans to pass their budget. This is primarily due to the massive tax hikes and temporary non-solutions, although it is notable that one Republican said he would vote for the measure (giving enough votes to pass it) if the legislature only added a provision to stop paying themselves when the state had no budget: a proposition which was apparently rejected by the Democrats as too onerous.

But wait, it's gets dumber. Tonight, apparently, the Democrats are preparing to stage a "lock in" of the state Congress, until another Republican capitulates to their bullying and votes to pass their load of garbage they call a budget. So, if I understand correctly: they think that by using pressure, intimidation, and physical confinement for a couple of days, they can force someone to abandon their principles and essential betray the state? Yeah... I'm sure that will be a productive expenditure of time and money. At least we know the Democrat morons staging this debacle will still be receiving their full salaries during it, unlike the 20,000+ state workers going to get pink slips because the majority party hasn't even heard the term "negotiate".

Our system is broken, we need a new one (and cleaning out all the incomprehensibly moronic "representatives" at the same time wouldn't hurt).

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