Monday, January 5, 2009

My opinion on Israel/Hamas conflict

This article pretty much sums up my opinion, for reference. To paraphrase, it's regrettable that there are lots of innocent casualties, but take the race and religion out of it, and the situation becomes fairly clear-cut: on one side, you have a region who elected a terrorist group to lead them which is interested in maximizing innocent casualties; on the other side you have a government which is explicitly trying to minimize innocent casualties, even at the expense of their own people/soldiers. Pretty simple to figure out which side is morally "right" by most people's morality, huh?

I guess I can hope that if enough Palestinian people die, they will clue-in to the fact that sponsoring terrorists (and/or electing terrorists to lead them) is not the best way to play nice in the international community today, and also not a particularly good way to keep yourself safe and alive. Then again, trying to get people to clue-in to that in general is a lot like wishing for peace in the Middle East...

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