Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Important PR for the government

I expect that in light of the recent Fed rate changes, the implicit effects those will have on inflation, and the [obvious] statement that the Fed will have to very carefully contain inflation expectation, this page will be very important PR for the government in the next few years. On it, the BLS quotes a couple of BLS economists spewing utter BS about how the CPI is not bogus, and all the complete lies and statistic manipulation introduced over the year to keep the CPI artificially and incorrectly low is actually not utter BS.

Really, though... they might want to consider hiring a marketing team to advise them on how to appear credible. I'd guess if you're going to try lying to normal people, use pretty graphs and stay away from directly lying about simple, easy-to-understand facts. For example, when you say that hedonic regression is totally valid and not a blatant manipulation of the data, it just destroys your credibility with anyone who can understand the obvious lies you're spewing. Stick with time-tested, higher-level BS that everyone can relate to, like: "we're the government, we're here to help." Lies, PR, and statistics are hard to pull off credibly, and if you're going to convince people that inflation is under control as you print and spend trillions more every year, you might need more than this frankly pathetic first effort.

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